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Your work is fantastic Vic, the Corona Diary is now one of my more positive memories of 2020.’

‘I'm taking a moment to acknowledge fine art professional Vic Lee, whose illustrated journal, Corona Diary, recently arrived at my doorstep. Not only am I grateful for his work and his wit, but also, for his illustration workshops during the quarantine, which were absolutely inspired. I'm also grateful that this artist did not listen to the naysayers who rejected him, because clearly, he is making it happen beautifully on his own terms.’

‘Came in the mail today. The Corona Diary 2020! Thanks Vic Lee for opening your project up to the public, to include us on the other side of the Atlantic. I am looking forward to the conversations that this book will spark!’

‘Couldn’t resist grabbing a copy of Vic Lee‘s corona diary. I’m sure there will be one or two more updates. Now, go make yourself familiar with his outstanding illustration and typography work. The man is a beast.’

‘It has landed... my Corona Diary all illustrated and written by the epic illustrator Vic Lee This is something that has captured the pandemic and illustrated in to an amazing book. Finish is spot on. Thanks so much for logging all these historic moments!’

‘Thank you Vic Lee! So excited to receive this, it’s absolutely beautifully done. I’m looking forward to having another flick through in a couple of years to reflect on the strange time’s we’ve found ourselves in.’

‘I have recently had the pleasure of unboxing my signed edition of 'The Corona Diary 2020' by phenomenal artist/muralist/storyteller/typographer Vic Lee. If you haven't bought one already, you must.’

‘Amazing artwork that’s been mindfully recorded by artist Vic Lee His work is not only amazing but he has given back to his community but with his art and his kind donations! A great example of how artists give back to the community in times like this. Thank you Vic!’

‘Yes. Vic Lee’s Corona Diary. Almost 100 pages of handdrawn text and illustrations. Vic's way of dealing with the uncertainty and anxiety of the pandemic.

This thing is beautiful, detailed and tactile. Of course, grizzly reading in places, but it's a unique way of documenting perhaps the most challenging year for many of us. It also highlights the incredible work of our frontline workers.’

‘Great to have my copy of Vic Lee’s Corona Diary! Will be handy showing my kids once they get older and ask about ‘that’ year. Fingers crossed they’ll have forgotten most of it in the not too distant future.’

‘This book has taken my breath away. It beautifully illustrates the past few months of this pandemic (good, bad and the ugly) through a time that will be documented in history. Thankyou Vic Lee, It’s a masterpiece that I will treasure.’

‘It took me thirty years to assemble my collection of comics and graphic novels. In the 2020, “annus horribilis”, the lockdown days let me discover a new master. Able to trace it, day by day. On his well deserved place between Enki Bilal, Art Spiegelman, E.P. Jacobs, Frank Miller: Vic Lee.’

‘Vic Lee thank you for this incredible book. Ive been keeping notes but theres so much I missed as my anxiety over Covid-19 increased. I can’t say it’s got much better in recent weeks, but to have a record of what we are living through and so beautifully made, is actually really emotive.’

‘A keepsake for generations to read and learn all about what really went down in this global pandemic. The brilliantly, illustrated journal of Covid-19 by Vic Lee.’

‘I knew I had to have a copy the minute I saw it! And I’ve spent the last week and a half crushing on it! It’s quite an emotional read - life changed over the last 6 months and seeing it all in one book is intense! The amount of detail is just wow!! And I don’t just mean the art...but the paper it’s been printed on and the finishing on the cover!! I’m going to be crushing on this for a while! And if you haven’t got a copy of this, I’d highly recommend you change that!’

‘Finally picked up my First Edition copy of Vic Lee’s Corona Diary. Been flicking through it over my morning coffee and it's truly a masterpiece to be treasured.’

‘Vic Lee’s Corona Diary 2020 is a beautiful piece of inking and thinking. The copy is funny, poignant and factual. The pictures strangely flowing and free as you turn the pages. A proper bit of history that I look forward to sharing with my kids in years to come - once this is all over. Here's to a happy ending!

‘A welcome distraction today was the arrival of Vic Lee’s Corona Diary. As always love Vic’s truly unique blend of illustration and typography but additionally what he’s chosen to document. He captures all the sides of this surreal episode from the sickening scale of it all, to the quirky positives and everything in between. The net result is a remarkable journal.’

‘Just one of the gorgeous double page spreads in Vic Lee’s Corona Diary, hand illustrated, self published and documenting our shared commonality or experience in this strange new world. I heartily suggest getting in touch with Mr Lee and ordering your copy before it becomes a collectors piece. It’s a great read!’

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